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Hearing Aid Technology at Delta Hearing

Delta Hearing is a multi-line dispenser, which means we carry products from many different companies and at all price ranges. We fit our hearing aids with realistic expectations and make sure that you know what you’re getting when we fit your hearing aids. We only carry trusted brands that we know will last for years to come. Some of our favorite brands are ReSound (which specializes in technological advances), EarQ, Starkey, Widex, Rexton, Signia, and Oticon.

If you already have hearing aids and love your current brand, we probably know and love your brand, too.

Hearing aids in Port Charlotte and Sarasota

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Starkey hearing aid options

We offer custom products as well as standard models in any form you could want: behind-the-ear ("receiver-in-canal" or RIC) models, models that fit completely in the ear canal, full shell in-the-ear models, and more. Most of these models can help with mild to severe to profound hearing loss.

Picking the right kind of hearing aid is a matter of personal preference. If you want something discreet, there are many very small hearing aids that are barely visible. If you are most comfortable with something familiar—for example, you have friends who use behind-the-ear models and like them—that can make the process of getting used to hearing aids easier. For active people, custom-fit hearing aids are especially helpful because they stay in place a little better and can be more invisible. They also offer a little water resistance. There are also rechargeable aids so you never have to worry about changing a battery again.

It doesn't really matter which type you prefer; we'll find a form that fits your budget.

Modern Hearing Aid Technology

We're getting more and more into streaming, hands-free technology. Many modern hearing aids are able to link with your mobile phone, giving you access to so many convenient features. You can stream sound binaurally (in both ears), whether it's music or your phone's GPS system. Apple has really pushed the envelope on what hearing aid can do, partnering with hearing aid companies to address what people who use hearing aids really need. Many companies also have powerful apps available for Android phones, although those don't offer the same streaming options yet. If you change phones, don't worry — you can switch from phone to phone with the same hearing aid and nothing will be interrupted.

ReSound LiNX3d with app

Why fidget with buttons and dials on a hearing aid when you can just open up an app and raise and lower the volume or change the microphones live while you're listening? If you're in a noisy restaurant, you can use an app to focus your hearing aid microphones on a particular person at your table. You don't have to go to your hearing aid dispenser for that; you can do that live on your phone yourself. If you lose your hearing aids, your phone can help you find them. (Too bad you can't use your hearing aids to find your phone!) Technology has really done some incredible things.

Follow-Up Care

We run an aftercare program that includes cleaning and verifying that the hearing aids are performing to the best of their capability. This includes 4 to 6 visits per year depending on the individual’s needs. All hearing aids come with minimum one-year warranty. This includes loss and damage. More advanced products come with longer warranties. Ask us about the Secure Warranty, available exclusively on EarQ hearing aids!

Secure Warranty logo

Time for a hearing aid

Hearing Aid FAQs

Hearing loss, hearing aid technology... it can be a lot to understand. It can be confusing. The message is not often clear, and as a result there are certain questions that we get asked all the time. Hopefully we can shed some light on common issues with our answers below.

Q: Why do I need two hearing aids? Can’t I buy just one to save money?
A: Hearing loss in both ears is far more common than loss in a single ear, so it is beneficial for you to wear two hearing aids. We find that wearing two hearing aids shows far more benefits with patients’ speech understanding, localization, and hearing range, since wearing two hearing aids keeps your entire auditory system stimulated.
Q: How do I get used to hearing aids?
A: Practice makes perfect. When you first get glasses, you can see better, but you have to get used to the feel of them on your nose and you have to get in the habit of wearing them. Hearing aids are the same way — you have to give yourself a chance to become comfortable with how hearing aids feel and sound. And that means wearing them regularly because they won't do you any good in a drawer! Depending on the patient, sometimes we recommend that you follow a wearing schedule for the first few weeks, staying out of noisy environments while you adapt to how your hearing aids work. We may even start your hearing aids off on a lower level and transition over a period of a month or two to reach your target levels. It's all about what's right for you, as long as you're willing to give it a fair try.
Q: What can I expect from a hearing aid?
A: Realistic expectations are essential. Think of hearing aids like glasses for your ears — they'll make things better, but they won't make your hearing perfect. We won't turn you into the Bionic Man or Woman. But hearing aids can make a big difference even in loud, crowded rooms. If clarity is a problem for you, hearing aids are a great solution.
Q: I have hearing aids, but they aren’t working as well as I expected them to. Do I need new hearing aids?
A: You may not need new hearing aids! Before you buy new hearing aids, you should come visit us, since many times your current hearing aids may just need a simple cleaning or tune-up.

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