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Questions and answers about hearing loss, tinnitus, and other hearing disorders.

Woman on the phone with her doctor taking notes

Hearing Health FAQs

Yes, tinnitus can go away on its own. If your tinnitus is the result of a one-time loud noise exposure, such as a concert, you may only experience the symptoms temporarily. Signs that tinnitus is going away include:

  • Your tinnitus occurs less often and for shorter periods of time
  • It seems less perceivable
  • You feel less bothered by it
  • You are able to sleep or relax
  • You have more good days rather than bad

If your ears feel muffled or are clogged due to earwax, you may need an ear cleaning. Some people are dispositioned to produce more earwax or if you are a current hearing aid wearer your ears may get clogged easier. We can safely and quickly remove earwax. We encourage you to make an appointment for an ear cleaning service if you are ears are bothering you rather than try to remove earwax at home.

Yes, stress and anxiety can lead to tinnitus. The correlation between tinnitus and stress is significant. Often times, those who have tinnitus experience an increase in stress because the tinnitus is affecting their quality of life. As their stress gets worse, the tinnitus gets louder. This can lead to an unfortunate cycle.

Conductive hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. It depends on the cause and severity of the hearing loss.

Tinnitus can last anywhere from a few seconds to days at a time. Tinnitus affects everyone differently. Can a hearing aid stop tinnitus? While hearing aids won’t stop ringing in the ears, they can help distract your brain from the sounds of tinnitus.

If you have experienced a sudden loss of hearing, or unexplained muffled hearing, you should have your hearing checked immediately. Sudden hearing loss can be the result of a problem with your auditory nerve function. It’s best to have your hearing evaluated so we can help you preserve your hearing ability and speech comprehension.